Appointments and Fees


Therapy and consultation services are available Tuesday through Thursday afternoons by appointment. Evaluations are scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Mediations and Parenting Coordination Services are scheduled on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings.

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This is a direct-pay practice (cash/check/credit card only). I do not choose to be a provider for any insurance plan. Client confidentiality and privacy is of the utmost importance. Often, insurance companies will collect information for their future use, information which may or may not be relevant to your work with me. Because I work independently, no information leaves this office unless specifically requested by clients, or unless I am legally obligated to release information. Working independently on a direct-pay basis allows me to use my professional judgment to serve clients as my clients and I agree is appropriate, not as dictated or regulated by an insurance company. In addition, this decreases the time and paperwork requirements for this practice and keeps office costs (and, in turn, fees) lower.

Fee Schedule:

Counseling Counseling Therapy for Gifted Individuals $55.40 plus tax per session. Parent/Teacher Consultation regarding their gifted child is the same as the therapy hour.

Consultation Presentations and Training By the hour $250.00 (plus tax in the State of New Mexico)
Half day $750.00 (plus tax in the State of New Mexico)
Full day $1000.00 (plus tax in the State of New Mexico)
Travel and expenses are negotiated separately.
Preparation time and materials are calculated into the presentation fee.

Expert Consultation for family law questions is $100.00 plus tax.

Evaluation The costs for evaluation are dependent upon the tests and the amount of time needed to provide a comprehensive evaluation that results in a differential diagnosis and recommendations.

Gifted evaluations are $500.00 plus tax
Specific Learning Evaluations start at $650.00 plus tax
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Evaluations start at $650.00 plus tax.

Family Law Services Parenting Coordination Services require a retainer of $2500.00. Usually each party pays 50% of the retainer (the court may determine another percentage split). Hourly fees are $150 per hour, each party pays 50%. Each party must leave at least $250 in the retainer fund at all times.

Parenting Plan Mediation requires a retainer of $300 plus tax. The parties each pay 50% of the retainer. Hourly fees are $100.00 per hour plus tax.

Co-Parenting Education requires a retainer of $700 plus tax. The parties each pay 50%. This includes six co-parenting sessions and one family session (which are the minimum amount of sessions to complete the course).

Reunification Therapy $75.00 plus tax per session.