Counseling for the Gifted Adults

Gifted children are often identified by their insatiable curiosity, advanced mental ability, intensity, and thought-provoking questions. But what happens when these children become adults? What are they like and do they have any particular mental health needs?When gifted (talented and creative) adults engage in therapy, it can lead them to happier, more fulfilling lives; better relationships; and more satisfying work experiences.

As a gifted adult, you may be plagued by:

  • chronic self-doubt and feelings of being an impostor
  • feelings of despair
  • alienation from culture
  • too many interests, problems prioritizing
  • boredom
  • depression/existential depression
  • a high level of sensitivity
  • feelings of difference
  • loneliness and social isolation
  • impatience & intolerance of other people’s limitations
  • lack of trust in or support from authority figures
  • existential depression
  • underemployment or underachievement
  • overstimulation, under-stimulation, and burnout
  • Therapy can create a safe haven where gifted adults can receive the support, understanding and the appropriate challenges they need to surmount difficulties associated with giftedness. Therapy is a resource for achieving greater self-awareness and overcoming obstacles to personal growth.

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