Counseling for the Gifted Child and Adolescent

Gifted children, gifted adolescents have unusual intellectual and intuitive abilities that allow them to interact with people and the physical environment in sensitive and creative ways.(Giftedness is generally recognized as a 130 or higher Intelligence Quotient.)

When a gifted individual’s endowed traits – extra sensitivities, intense curiosity and drive to master; razor sharp cognitive abilities and uncanny intuition develop in synchrony, their accomplishments and ambitions well exceeds their years.

When these same traits, however conflict internally with one another or conflict with the demands of school, family and peers, gifted growth can be blocked making remarkable personal assets seem like unwanted disabilities.

Research consistently shows that many gifted children and adolescents have the capacity for intensified thinking and feeling, as well as vivid imaginations. Whether they are gifted athletes, artists, musicians, intellectuals, or are highly creative, they may have higher levels of emotional development due to greater awareness and intensity of feeling. “Being different” in ability and personality characteristics may lead to higher expectations, jealousy, and resentment by adults and peers. Specific problems that may result can be external or internal:

  • Difficulty with social relationships
  • Refusal to do routine, repetitive assignments
  • Inappropriate criticism of others
  • Lack of awareness of impact on others
  • Lack of sufficient challenge in schoolwork
  • Depression (often manifested in boredom)
  • High levels of anxiety
  • Difficulty accepting criticism
  • Hiding talents to fit with peers
  • Nonconformity and resistance to authority
  • Excessive competitiveness
  • Isolation from peers
  • Low frustration tolerance
  • Poor study habits
  • Difficulty in selecting among a diversity of interests
  • Unhealthy perfectionism

Counseling/Therapy for the Gifted Child and Adolescent focuses on:

  • Asynchronus Development
  • Perfectionism
  • Overexcitabilities
  • Underachievement
  • Stress
  • Self-Concept
  • Idealism
  • Depression/Existential Depression

Therapy can create a safe haven where gifted children and adolescents can receive the support, understanding and the appropriate challenges they need to surmount challenges associated with giftedness. Trying to fit in, juggling others’ expectations, and sorting out an array of conflicting messages are commonplace for gifted children and teens. Participation in therapy does not mean that something is seriously wrong; therapy is a resource for achieving greater self-awareness and overcoming obstacles to personal growth.

Starting in January 2018, we will offer the following group therapy options:

A Happiness, Well-Being and Resiliency Group for Gifted Adolescents

This program for arms students with 8 research-based skills including goal-setting, problem-solving, resilience, optimistic thinking, character strength development, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, and social skills. This program also helps the gifted perfectionist shift into a healthier framework of striving for excellence.  Each of the skills is accompanied by a tool that can be applied in their daily life. The skills taught are all about reducing the negative emotions and increasing happiness, well-being and resilience!

This 8 week course will be limited to 6 high school students and will start on January 18, 2018. The cost of the program will be $250 including tax.

Grades 9-12 Group will meet every Thursday at 4:15 PM

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