Discovering Your Gifts

Is this all there is in life?

Are you spending time every day wondering if “this” is what you will be doing for the rest of your life?

Does it feel like there is something more you are supposed to be doing with your life but you really have no idea how to figure out what that is?

Are your friends, family and co-workers telling you what you should be doing based on what you are talented in, but the thought of spending the rest of your life doing this “thing” you are good at makes you want to get into bed and pull the covers over your head?

Are you saying YES to people when all you really want to do is tell them NO, then spending your time avoiding people so you don’t have to follow through with what you agreed to?

More and more you hear that the solution to leading a happier, more fulfilled life lies in finding out what your gifts are and using them in your work and everyday life. But is anyone really telling you HOW to do that?

Sacred Gifts are power tools you have within you that allow you to do ordinary things in extraordinary ways. They are NOT skills or talents and there is a BIG difference between using your Sacred Gifts and doing what you are skilled or talented at. Once you discover what your Sacred Gifts are, you will be free to do what really makes you feel happy and fulfilled, you will no longer have to say YES when you mean NO which means that you will:

  • Be happier
  • Have clarity about what you really want
  • Know which direction to take in your life
  • Feel a sense of peace
  • Stop feeling guilty about NOT doing things that make you unhappy
  • Release judgment about yourself and other people so you can have more fulfilling relationships
  • Understand yourself better
  • Let go of unrealistic expectations
  • Feel more balanced and on purpose
  • Feel more connected to your work
  • Learn how to use your gifts as a compass for decision making in terms of your career and life in general
  • Sleep better because what you are doing matters, it has meaning for you and you get paid to do what you love

How am I going to know what my gifts are?

This process is for you if you are serious about discovering what your hidden gifts are:
To do that you’ll:

  • Have access to powerful teaching materials and audios that will take you on a journey of discovery
  • Complete a one of a kind comprehensive definitive guide assessment that is incredibly revealing
  • You’ll learn about all 24 sacred gifts in detail

You’ll go through a 4 week life changing coaching process with your own personal Certified Sacred Gifts Guide to identify your individual gifts and to see how you can more fully activate them.

Most assessment tools focus on personalities, abilities and skills. Though these are important aspects of self-discovery, they are superficial compared to our program which focuses attention on your extraordinary abilities or unique gifts that are often unseen, overlooked and underutilized. They reside in your soul and many people check their soul at the door when they go to work. Does your job show the world who you truly are?

Don’t spend another day being tired and frustrated. Don’t spend another minute arguing with your friends and family because you just aren’t happy. Don’t spend another second sitting at home alone because you can’t find the motivation to go out and enjoy your life!

You have the answer right here and now. Find out what your gifts are and start using them in your life. You never know how long your life will be. Don’t waste another minute of it.

Remember: the answers to the really big questions in life can’t all be found on Google. Knowing what your gifts are is one of those big questions.

As your Guide I will take you through a 4-week process that will bring you insights and “A-HA” moments like you’ve likely never experienced before. When it comes to understanding yourself and what motivates you to do what you do, nothing compares to the insights you’ll gain by identifying and activating your gifts.

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